How living with plants (and other things in nature) can help us be happy and well

Whenever I go for a run beside the water, watch the hummingbirds visit the feeder on my porch, or eat a piece of fruit, I think of my friend Cheney. I was at the studio the other day and Matthew
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Simple Self-Care for the End of the Year by Sue Mc

November and December can be magical. They can also be challenging. I love the delicious contrast between the chilly, dark, damp outdoor world, and the sparkly-cozy indoor world. I am excited to spend time with friends and family and enjoy
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The Great Savasana Challenge

We’re putting on the challenge as part of Moksha/Modo Yoga’s annual Speak Your Peace campaign, a campaign that joins all of our collective efforts in raising awareness and funds to support Pull Together, and protect some of Earth’s wild and
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