Six Friends Take the 8 Cup a Day Challenge

On New Year’s Eve, my friend Cathy encouraged 5 good friends (aka “The Ladeez”) to join her in the 8-Cup-A-Day Water Challenge for January 2019. Of course, we all said yes! Starting January 1, we each drank a minimum of
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Mom’s Advice for What to do When you Have a Cold – by Sue Mc

It’s January. All of the feasting and celebrating of the holiday season have subsided. Now it’s time to get healthy. We’re ready to eat the best food, get all the exercise, and start fresh with energy and enthusiasm. Then… WHAM!
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How living with plants (and other things in nature) can help us be happy and well

Whenever I go for a run beside the water, watch the hummingbirds visit the feeder on my porch, or eat a piece of fruit, I think of my friend Cheney. I was at the studio the other day and Matthew
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