The Stories We Tell Ourselves about Ourselves

Hey! Hello! How are you? What’s happening? This is the stuff of everyday greetings and social interaction. Every day, throughout the day, we meet others and ask them, in one way or another, “What’s your story?” They ask us the
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mindful modo morning – a study in contrasts

One morning, on my way in to 6:15am Modo Yoga, I noticed some beautiful things about the day, the world, and my practice. I was half asleep still, and didn’t think much about it. I just went with it, and
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Grow Your Yoga – Grow Your Forest

At Modo Yoga Burnaby, March and April are Grow your Yoga time. You may be part of the 30/60 Challenge. Maybe you have attended one of the in-studio workshops. Have you been to a karma class lately? If so, you
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